Yale - 8 Strand

Yale - 8 Strand

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Nylon Brait

One of the best choices for anchor rode becuase the windlass hanldes it very well.  It also falls into your anchor locker very smoothly and doesnt pile up poorly. 

Nylon Brait combines braiding technology with plaited rope optimizing the best of both rope styles.

Nylon Brait’s most outstanding feature is its high energy absorption, which comes from a combination of the very long yarn path and stranditure developed especially to maximize energy absorption.

Nylon Brait can absorb (or mitigate) greater amounts of dynamic energy than 3-stranded or braided rope structures with less damage. Brait’s energy absorption also keeps the corresponding loads on attachment points smaller since the rope does more work internally. Brait is easily spliced and the spliced rope delivers 100% of the ropes advertised strength



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