Mantus Stainless Anchors

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The Mantus Anchor is a multipurpose, high-performance, new generation boat anchor. Over the last decade, tests performed by Cruising World, Practical Sailor, Sail and PMY magazines proved that new-generation type boat anchors outperform the traditional designs. Designed to set in very hard or grassy bottoms, The Mantus Boat Anchor has been extensively tested against the competition and will provide you with the best performance, guaranteed. No other boat anchor on the market can set as rapidly, reliably and securely. 

The new line of stainless anchors features a duplex stainless steel shank for better strength and corrosion resistance, the fluke is 316L stainless steel. This anchor does not have a mirror polished finished that often comes with stainless steel anchors, instead the surface is shot-peened to harden it and then electro-polished.  Although mirror polish protects against corrosion, a mirror polished anchor gets scratched as soon as it is used.  This can result in surface defects that form origination points for corrosion propagation. Our shot-peened, hardened surface is more resistant to abrasion and thus corrosion. All our anchors come with a lifetime warranty.  


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